Our Vision


The Blue Acorn #Core



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We set off on our journey with a vision of bringing together some brilliant minds that would commit to procreating various exciting edible adventures.

With a shared vision to inspire and teach others off we went and started the blue acorn project. A vision of intertwining ethics, feelings, lessons, beliefs and philosophies.

Our founders came together and launched “The Chef’s Table Pop Up Series” to self fund our extremely exciting plan….



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We the founders of The Blue Acorn Project take absolute responsibility to be an inspiration to our people, so the people we train, develop and inspire become the best versions of themselves. Philosophically we refer to the people learning here as the “acorns.”

By bringing together an unbelievably talented group of people the “acorns” are in the safest hands.



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If we do our job well, eventually our “acorns” will do a better job than we ever did, that’s the kind of success we’re after.

The best people to share equity with is your team, they (mostly) always must come first.

While not every entrepreneur will agree with our strategy we’ve studied the needs of people mindfully and come up with something very different to the status quo.

We go forward together with education and inspiration at our core.


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”